Rosa, the owner, wanted to give a complete change to her new duplex located in Sant Pere de Ribes. The main idea was to completely renovate the kitchen and the two bathrooms. However, after presenting the project to Rosa, she was encouraged and decided to change the floor of the duplex completely.


The entire air conditioning system has also been replaced and renewed.

As well as the replacement of the new boiler with the general overhaul of the heating and radiators.

In the case of the kitchen, the same space has been preserved. However, the furniture has been completely changed for a lighter color and without handles, which gives it a more modern, light and luminous air. The distribution has been improved in terms of functionality and
optimization of the storage space with some movements in the location of modulations. Mainly of the sink that allowed to put some bigger drawers.

Rosa also wanted an informal space for her breakfasts and lunches since she has little time. With a small bar attached to the entrance wall and a semi-column leaning against the kitchen countertop, this more informal café space has been created.

The semi-column has a recess to place the coffee maker.

The general lighting throughout the house has been improved, especially in the living-dining room with recessed ceiling-mounted LED lights. Also the lighting in the kitchen.

The kitchen furniture is from INKO model SMART WHITE with handle-free opening system with aluminum goals combined with HABITAT LOFT wood color that gives a touch of warmth.

The kitchen countertop is of the Idylium brand in Pietra Cinere color.

The cherry-colored doors have been changed to white lacquered doors that give a feeling of more spaciousness and cleanliness to the whole.

The new flooring of the duplex is of large size 100 cm x 50 cm which gives a feeling of more amplitude to the general space.

Rosa was doubtful about the staircase. He did not like the marble cladding so it was proposed to change the entire cladding and replace it with the same pavement as the rest of the floor.

The change of the bathrooms has been complete with new bathroom sets, change of flooring and wall tiles. The general faucets are new.

OWNER Rosa is very happy with the final result. Everything seems bigger. The result is practical and much brighter.

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