Throughout a trajectory of more than 25 years in the sector, Studio Gatto has been incorporating various services in order to provide maximum comfort to its customers and thus centralize everything. Our priority is a personalized service with the in order to carry out a project according to the needs of each client. These services are provided free of charge and a detailed budget is delivered without commitment and adjusted to your tastes and ideas. Conviértete part of our experience!

Why choose us?


Because your trust is our priority


Because what we care about is your tranquility


Because our goal is your satisfaction


Because what defines us is the closeness


Because our motto is commitment

A kitchen is not just a place : it’s our world


You can find all the services and products necessary for your project in our stores located in Sant Pere de Ribes and El Vendrell. This allows the ease of centralized management and payment. Save time!

Post sale

Once the reform is finished, we will continue by your side and help you to manage guarantees and / or any incidence you have on the products installed. Count on us!

3D Projects

We present your project designed in 3D or 360º panoramic view. We can change colors, models and furniture distribution at the moment. Scroll in 360 degrees!

Assemby and transportation

From our experience we know that it is important to offer you an assembly and transport service of your own to have everything under control. We care about your tranquility!


Customized budget

Studio Gatto develops the requested project by taking measurements or studying plans, renders in 3D and a detailed budget and adjusted to your ideas and needs. All this, without commitment and free of charge. You’ve got nothing to lose!


Studio Gatto offers its foreign clients a personalized service since the team has several languages ​​such as French, English, Italian, Spanish and Catalan. What’s your plan?

Interior design

Studio Gatto has a long experience in integral or partial reforms and in interior design to renew your space and give you the best image. The team of designers coordinates with the technical team to elaborate the project of rehabilitation of the house. The design will be captured with a precise 3D Render that will facilitate you to visualize the final result and allow to make any change that you consider appropriate to h

Trust us your project


Studio Gatto makes integral reforms of your home and partial reforms of your kitchen or your bathroom. We guide you to choose the best option for you in terms of distribution, materials and equipment. We adapt to your needs and we deliver a detailed budget without commitment. Our long trajectory in coordinating reforms accompanied by a team of competent industrialists, guarantees you time savings and compliance with deadlines. During the course of the reform you will always be in direct contact with the project manager who will inform you of all the advances and with the design team to answer any questions. Tell us your idea and we will take care to make it come true.