Enjoy first-class elegance without frills. In this kitchen, well-differentiated zones in intense colors meet modern technology and merge safely and securely. The result: a comfortable room that allows you to live and work in the same place and where the kitchen soon becomes the center of the house. All kitchen utensils, food and beverages are stored neatly and safely behind the cabinet doors and pull-out modules. The combi refrigerator also does not obstruct the view, as even an appliance of this size is easily concealed behind a cabinet door.

The black color of the metal shelves matches the countertop. The shelves are attractive because they are completely visible and because of the LED strip. They are the perfect place to highlight a special object.

Cooking is even more enjoyable with the innovative interior of the pull-out modules (soft opening and closing) and modern appliance technology. Every detail has been carefully checked and ensures a long service life for the kitchen. The combination is particularly attractive: the long, black, high-quality metal handles break up the aesthetics of the fronts in a very flattering way. Also, this type of handles are very practical and easy to handle.

Table for two

The place to recharge your batteries. This strong and stunning color scheme fits perfectly with modern home environments and will make you feel even more at home. The table attached to the kitchen island has room for two. Perfect for coffee breaks or reading the newspaper in the morning, but also makes a great additional work surface.

Integration with class

The integrated office makes it easy to work. With enough storage space, but also suitable for the laptop and other accessories. Very close, so as not to miss anything that is cooking in the kitchen. The harmonious architecture creates a uniform environment.

Awaken your inner interior designer and decorate with beautiful objects to your taste. That’s what walnut-look shelves are for. Assemble the office corner as you wish and, whenever you feel like it, transform it to enjoy a new treat for the eyes.

Beautiful without ornamentation

This minimalist kitchen is distinguished by austerity and by banishing everything that is superfluous. It is a purist kitchen that exudes elegance and style. How nice when the design is limited to the essentials.

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