Blaupunkt will present its innovations for 2024 as part of the in-house exhibition Häcker, which will take place from 16 to 22/09/23 in Rödinghausen, and will serve as an example for more sustainability, flexibility and aesthetic sophistication.

“Energy-efficient appliances are a central part of our sustainability strategy,” says Olaf Thuleweit, CEO of HK Appliances. Therefore, Blaupunkt offers seven new dishwashers with an improved energy efficiency class. Five dishwashers have energy efficiency class D, two are even in the second best class B (according to the EU energy label with classes A-G, valid from 2021).

However, Blaupunkt’s new products not only focus on sustainability, but also prioritize flexibility to offer customers maximum ease of use. A great example of this is the new self-sufficient combi induction cooktop (5II 86250): it has six cooking zones, two of which can be flexibly linked to create one to three huge cooking zones as needed. In addition, the cooktop offers a double booster function and permanent cross-pot detection, which automatically turns the cooktop on and off depending on whether and where the pot is placed on it.

As for refrigerators, Blaupunkt presents the so-called “Cross Door”, a new combination of refrigerator and freezer XXL independent with a staggering capacity of 522 liters. Even the baking trays can be placed elegantly behind its hinged doors in a refined dark steel design. A 0° zone in the refrigerator compartment, a temperature of 18° (and colder) in the freezer compartment and no-frost technology ensure excellent cooling conditions. Blaupunkt offers a five-year warranty on this storage assistant.

As for ovens, Blaupunkt is introducing two new products with an innovative air-fry function. With this advanced hot air technology, perfect frying results are obtained without using oils and avoiding unhealthy trans fats. Likewise, perfect roasting results are obtained in a natural way: juicy inside and crispy on the outside.

Blaupunkt attaches importance not only to innovative technology, but also to modern and contemporary design. In this respect, the new range of sinks with Matte Black finish is a great first example: it fits perfectly with kitchen designs in the gray-black color range and dazzles with its premium surface properties, from high scratch and heat resistance to colorfastness and food fastness, as well as its easy-care and long-lasting quality. For those looking for a more nuanced color palette, the “Alento” and “Tesino” sinks are available in black, dark gray and light gray granite. Customers will find a faucet in the same color in matte black “Nera”, available with fixed or pull-out spout. All sinks and faucets have a 5-year warranty.

“Beyond our sustainability goals, the wishes and needs of our customers are always the driving force behind our innovations. Whether it’s more flexible handling of the cooktop, more storage volume in the cooling zone or healthier solutions in the frying and cooking area, our product development is primarily geared towards offering practical advantages to our customers, for which the issue of energy efficiency is always at the forefront,” says Olaf Thuleweit, summing up the philosophy behind the new product range.

Häcker Kitchens – The Company

The traditional company Häcker Kitchens was founded in 1898 as a cabinetmaker’s shop by Hermann Häcker and continued in the next generation by Friedrich Häcker. In 1965, Horst Finkemeier’s son-in-law Horst Finkemeier and his wife Renate laid the foundations for today’s economic success by mass-producing kitchen furniture. As an owner-managed family business, Häcker produces kitchens equipped to a high quality standard with a focus on function, design and technology. Häcker Küchen stands for quality, service, reliability, honesty and sustainability. Together with our employees and partners, we develop innovative solutions for the kitchens of tomorrow. Customers have always been at the center of everything we do. Enthusiasm for our work and attention to detail are the keys that set our kitchens apart from the global competition. With the concept130 and systemat product lines, as well as our Blaupunkt and h│tech brands for built-in kitchen appliances, we offer a comprehensive product portfolio. Häcker’s four-story company headquarters is located in Rödinghausen. Another plant is located in Ostercappeln-Venne in the Osnabrück district. Since 2014, BLAUPUNKT has been the authorized own brand for built-in kitchen appliances of Häcker Küchen GmbH & Co. KG.