We have carried out this comprehensive reform in a duplex in Sitges.

In the kitchen all the furniture has been changed in white to give the kitchen more light and space. We have redefined the distribution

The kitchen furniture is the LOTUS model by HAECKER in Matte White.

The countertop is Silestone Calacatta Gold.

The appliances are from the Siemens brand.

The kitchen before and after the renovation

The kitchen before and after the renovation

All the water and electrical installations have been redone. Changed general lighting.

Changed toilets and taps in bathrooms and kitchen

The bathroom with a very personal touch

The Master Bathroom: A Spectacular Change in Light

The bathrooms have been completely renovated, replacing bathtubs with shower trays for more comfort and space.

We have tiled the entire upstairs of the duplex. Reconstructed a dressing room type space giving it more order and luminosity.

Convert a stairwell into a useful and at the same time camouflaged space

The new flooring installation works throughout the duplex

The old dressing room renovated in lighter and more orderly tones

The stairwell has been closed turning it into a closet with a door to make better use of the space.

In the living room a bookcase has been built with MATE WHITE LACQUERED DM material to create a cozy and functional space.

How to create a space from scratch in a relaxed and cozy reading corner

Decoration details and final styling

Change of passage doors throughout the apartment.

In the rooms, wallpaper has been placed on the walls instead of painting them.

The Dare !! wallpaper

Reconditioned the terrace upstairs that had a problem in the storm drain pipe. Rubber paint has been applied to improve insulation.

The taste for fresh and Mediterranean decoration
Simple and cozy spaces

Design Ideas