In Sant Pere de Ribes, the owners, Marta and Victor, wanted to open their kitchen to the dining room. The idea was to open a hole in the wall between the kitchen and the dining room like a dish pass with an island bell. However, we suggested other options. After the presentation of several projects we came up with the perfect idea. To open everything. Remove the door to the living-dining room from the corridor. Completely demolish the partition between kitchen and dining room to completely integrate the two spaces.

Pictures before the Reformation in Sant Pere de Ribes

Also, next to the staircase to the first floor there was a hole they wanted to remove. They decided to change the entire floor of this floor and take advantage of this to cover the hole in this staircase that had become a hole at the end to order the toys of their 3 children.

We show you the reform process in which we proceed to knock down partitions, doors…

The result of opening everything up gives the spaces more light and width. The kitchen becomes much more practical. As it is integrated into the living-dining room, it looks bigger and hides the peculiarity of one of its oblique walls. The hood is ceiling mounted so it does not break the view. It is white so it is more integrated into the ceiling.

Kitchen of our supplier INKO of the Gourmet range color confit. Dekton color ZENITH.

Marta and Victor can be connected to the family life that goes on in the living room while they are in the kitchen. In the end they decided to change the furniture and lights in the living room. All in all it is a spectacular change!

Final result after the reform

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