Häcker Kitchens

At Studio Gatto, we are proud to be the distributor of the German brand Häcker, one of the main suppliers of our kitchen portfolio. Häcker is known for producing high quality fitted kitchens with a real commitment to fusing design, function, quality and excellence in every product line. Häcker not only has a wide range of kitchens but also complements them with the Blaukpunkt brand of household appliances.

Thousands of combinations are possible!

Häcker designs combine exceptional aesthetics with intelligent use of storage space and high-quality functional technology with special kitchen ideas and additional features. Experience style, quality and functionality in a perfect combination.

Systemat AV6000 NCS terracotta AV 2135 crystal white: Spectacular staging of the Mediterranean attitude to life

Systemat AV 7030 black star AV 6000 NCS: Two main players harmoniously combined

AV 2042 Grey Velvet Oak

Concept130 CALGARY-GL velvety oak-gray: Harmonious combination

Concept130 SMART-GL stone gray: Impressive kitchen design

Concept130 SCALA Olive Green – Greenery Figurine

Montreal gl light fine oak

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