Frequent questions

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Budget service period?

You will receive a free, no obligation price quote for your kitchen project.nThe quote will be valid for 60 days. For greater clarity, the quote will be provided in written form and with a breakdown for each item (kitchen furniture,surfaces,remodeling costs,accessories,appliances).

Will the necessary measurements be taken physically?

We work both with dimensioned plans as well with the measurements taken at the client’s house. It is a service without commitment and it is always advisable

Which are the main steps of your project?
  • Defining the main design ideas and materials: choosing the materials and models to be budgeted and defining the main ideas in order to properly otline the final project.
  • In-home measuring service: measuring in advance helps the customer since it allows us to deliver an accurate quote adjusted to our customer’s reality and to prevent any unpleasant surprises.
  • 3D design and rendering: we deliver a preliminary floor plan drawn to scale which provides a reliable idea of the best and most suitable distribution for all items and of all circulation areas that need to be respected for the final area to be as comfortable and efficient as possible.
  • Accepting the quote :one the payment system and delivery terms are agreed upon we proceed to plan the on-site project and to order the different materials needed.
  • Kitchen assembly: when all the furniture is delivered we start with the mounting of the furniture and the installation of the appliances bought in our store.
Furniture delivery times?

The delivery times of the furniture will depend on the manufacturer and will vary depending on the materials and the doors finishing options. High gloss lacquer finish or veneered wood are normally the options which take the longest to be manufactured.

Who will be installing my kitchen cabinets?

The kitchen cabinets and other furniture will be installed by our professional and highly qualified company experts.

How long will the project take, including assembly and full installation?

The assembly and installation times will depend on the overall dimensions and complexity of the finl project.

How long I will be unable to use my kitchen?

In an integral kitchen renovation project you will be in general 4 weeks unable to use your kitchen. You need to take into account that many specialized workers need to work in it and that we will need to coordinate them all.

After-sales service?

All our products have their corresponding manufacturer warranties. Warranties may vary according to the different manufacturers and products. In the case of appliances warranties normally cover up to 2 years. As for our kitchen furniture we guarantee a full five-year warranty.

Payment system

The payment procedure will be settled in 3 steps:

  • The first payment will be made upon accetance of the quote so that all the furniture and materilas needed can be formally ordered.
  • The secondpayment will be made as soon as all the furniture, appliances and remaining accessories shall be delivered to our facilities.
  • The thirdpayment will be made after the completion of all services purchased. nWe are flexible in our contracts and are willing to accept any changes after all due considerations on a case bay case basis.
Can we finance the project?

After a proper analysis of any particular situation we can agree upon a personal financial plan on an installment basis for each particular project.