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Budgetary validity?

The study of your kitchen will be carried out without commitment to purchase. The validity period is 60 days. For clarity, the estimate will be provided in writing and with each item broken down (kitchen furniture, surfaces, renovation, accessories, appliances).

Covid-19 special measures: Our company is implementing improvements in communication through applications that facilitate the presentation of the budget on-line to minimize the number of visits to our facilities for customers who require it. We will advise you and solve your doubts on-line.

Are they coming to take action?

We work with both dimensioned drawings and measurements taken at the client’s home. It is a non-binding service and is always preferable.

Covid-19 special measures: Our company is implementing all the necessary health safety measures as instructed by the authorities. Our team will be prepared to guarantee your safety both when taking measurements at home and during the furniture assembly or renovation phase.

What are the steps to follow?

Covid-19 special measures:

-Customers will be able to visit our stores in complete safety, as they will be provided with disinfection products (mask, hydroalcoholic gel and gloves) before entering our establishments to guarantee sanitary safety.

-As a small business we can guarantee no overcrowding in our stores and through previous appointments the customer will be able to have an individualized treatment.

-Safety distancing is also guaranteed as we will be prepared with protective screens to serve our customers.

-If the customer prefers and wants to minimize visits to our stores, we have improved on-line communication to resolve doubts or to present estimates.

-We are implementing a 360º virtual tour of our showrooms to see our kitchens without leaving home.

Define ideas and materials: Selection of materials and models for budgeting and definition of ideas for the project.
In-house measurements: Provides the client with a more accurate and realistic estimate to avoid the dreaded “surprises”. The technician will come to your home with the Covid-19 safety equipment stipulated by the health authorities.
Project drawn with program
3D and renderor: We make a preliminary plan to scale that will give you a reliable idea of the most appropriate distribution and circulation areas to be respected to make the room comfortable and functional.
Acceptance of the quotation: the payment system is agreed upon and the delivery date is determined.
.proceedingWe will be glad to assist you in marking the kitchen and in your order.
Kitchen assembly: When the furniture arrives at the warehouse, we proceed to the assembly of the kitchen and appliances (purchased in our establishment). The assembler will come to your home with the Covid-19 safety equipment stipulated by the health authorities.

How long does it take to deliver the furniture?

The delivery time of the furniture depends on the manufacturer and varies according to the materials and finishes of the doors. Glossy lacquer finishes or wood veneerare usually the longest to produce.

Covid-19: Due to Covid-19, delivery times from our suppliers may vary from the usual times.

Who will install my furniture?

The assembly of the furniture will be carried out by qualified personnel working for the company.

Special Covid-19 measures:
The specialized assembler shall have the regulatory Covid-19 sanitary safety equipment established by the health authorities in order to ensure the safety of all.

How long does an assembly take?

Assembly time varies according to the size and complexity of the kitchen.

How long will I be without a kitchen?

In a process of integral reform of your kitchen, in general you will be about 4 weeks without kitchen. It must be taken into account that several industrialists must be involved and we are in charge of coordinating them.

After-sales service?

All our products have a factory warranty. Warranty varies by product and manufacturer. In the case of household appliances it is usually 2 years and for our kitchen furniture it is 5 years.

Payment system?

The payment system will be made in 3 stages: A first payment will be made for the acceptance of the budget in order to place the furniture order, a second payment will be made once the furniture, appliances and complements arrive at the warehouse. A third payment will be made upon completion of assembly. However, we are flexible and accept changes after studying each particular case.

Can it be financed?

Depending on your situation, personalized financing and installments can be studied.

Financing available at BBVA 2 years interest free

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