Häcker Concept 130: A kitchen concept that takes all needs into account


Imagine creating the kitchen of your dreams, a space where every detail reflects your personal style and needs! That is exactly what Häcker’s concept130 product line offers. This collection is a true work of art in the world of kitchen design, combining aesthetics, harmony and functionality in a way that you will simply love.

With concept130, you have in your hands an almost infinite range of possibilities to design your ideal kitchen. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist style or something more classic and cozy, concept130 adapts to all tastes and needs. The most impressive thing is how these kitchens, despite the diversity of elements you can choose from, always come together in a perfectly coherent unit. There’s no feeling of disparate pieces or cluttered building blocks; each concept130 kitchen is a seamless, unified expression of your lifestyle.

What makes concept130 special is its grid system, which allows you to design your dream kitchen without leaving anything to chance. Every element, from the color and shape to the technical details and the interior of the cabinets and pull-outs, is chosen to meet your wishes and needs. With concept130, your vision of the perfect kitchen becomes a tangible reality, where every detail is a piece of the puzzle of your daily life.

A wide color palette

Kitchens are more than just workspaces. They are the heart of the home, a source of culinary delights and a gathering place all in one. That is why it is so important to carefully consider the purchase of a new kitchen and understand what habits, needs and ideas our dream kitchen should meet. That is why we have opted for versatility: from our numerous ranges of fronts to the combination of colors and the choice of cabinet heights and depths, you will design your kitchen to your taste, satisfying all your desires and spatial requirements. Our wide color palette is an excellent tool for customization. Because in addition to the eleven standard colors, we offer six additional trend colors – our Selection shades – for selected front lines. These include Azure, Blackberry, Burgundy, Eucalyptus, Ocean and Natural Umber. What do you feel like? A warm beige kitchen? A deep blue, a cool mint green or a rather mysterious black? Do you prefer glossy or matte? At Häcker, the choice is entirely yours.

Easily consider the psychology of colors

concept130’s wide selection of colors makes it possible to design kitchens in a uniform color or to compose an ensemble of different colors and surfaces. What effect would you like to create? A cool color like Ocean conveys calmness and freshness, while warm colors like Cashmere or Magnolia Cream create a cozy, homey atmosphere. Lighter colors can visually expand the space, while darker tones give it an elegant and sophisticated touch. High-contrast combinations create visual interest and a narrower color range provides a sense of balance and well-being. The choice of color can significantly influence the ambiance and character of the kitchen. Turn the color wheel and get inspired by our kitchen sets.

Comfort meets intelligent space

Smart kitchen design does not only mean a well thought-out visual design, but also refers to the functionality, comfort and technical equipment of your kitchen. High-quality appliances, short working distances, ease of use and maximum storage space are key criteria in kitchen planning. As you would expect, our Concept130 kitchens rely heavily on these criteria. BLAUPUNKT appliances – which, incidentally, received one of the globally recognized Red Dot Awards for two of its products in 2023 – put it at an advantage in terms of technology, design, user-friendliness and sustainability. For starters, you can choose from different cabinet heights and depths when designing your kitchen. But your preferences are also decisive when it comes to the thickness of the worktop, the design of the backsplash or the choice of handles. To furnish the interior of your cabinets and drawers, you will find all kinds of kitchen accessories at Häcker. You can also make efficient use of every square centimeter of your kitchen interior and enjoy the sight of perfectly organized and tidy drawers and cabinets every day.

Designing open kitchens with functionality in mind

At Häcker we are convinced that a good kitchen not only invites you to cook and bake, but also to meet and work. That’s why the concept130 product line makes it easy for you to give your kitchen a functional upgrade. Do you enjoy working at your desk but want to be close to the action? Or do you lack the space for a “proper” office? Häcker offers practical and beautiful solutions for both, with cabinet and table elements that make the workplace an extension of the kitchen. In turn, this creates a highly functional home office in your kitchen with a well-integrated seating area that provides space for your laptop and other work utensils. The perfect solution, especially for open-plan living concepts where cooking, living and working merge seamlessly. Turn your kitchen into the multifunctional center of your home.

Simultaneous purism and homeliness

High-quality kitchens become lifelong companions. They blend into your home, become the backdrop for the small and big moments of everyday life and set the tone for furnishings outside the kitchen. Hence the importance of creating kitchens of timeless elegance, such as you will find in Häcker’s concept130 product line. The wide range of colors, structures, shapes, sizes, heights, depths and complementary features leaves nothing to be desired – guaranteed! Explore the design options offered by concept130 and feel the excitement with our sets.

Häcker’s commitment to sustainability

The concept130 product line is an open commitment to sustainability, because concept130 stands for environmentally friendly production processes and resource-saving materials. Energy-efficient technologies are used to minimize the CO₂ footprint, and we pay special attention to the use of renewable raw materials and recyclable materials. Compliance with strict environmental standards and self-initiated certifications demonstrate our commitment to environmental action. Continuous optimization and traceability of supply chains ensure sustainability along the entire production chain. Therefore, customers who choose a concept130 kitchen not only receive a high-quality kitchen, but also opt for an environmentally friendly product. In this way, we can together live up to the responsibility we have towards our land and future generations. Design your kitchen while protecting our future.

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