Häcker systemat: Stylish kitchens with a system

Do you want a kitchen that exudes elegance and style, yet is highly functional, comfortable and precisely tailored to your individual needs? Häcker’s systemat product line offers you just that: almost unlimited design possibilities with reliable high quality and that special something. Häcker’s systemat kitchens offer exceptional shelving and cabinet solutions, sturdy and convenient full-extension pull-outs, decorative and practical lighting concepts and efficiently utilized storage space. The systemat product line is a favorite of many amateur cooks who know what is important in a kitchen.

Art is in the details

The legendary philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau already knew that “taste is the art of understanding small things”. When he said this, he probably wasn’t thinking about the art of cooking the day after tomorrow. But Häcker’s systemat product line lives exactly this principle. Why? Because systemat kitchens can be planned simply, efficiently and with stylistic security. Thanks to high-quality materials in combination with trend-conscious design, with a kitchen from Häcker’s systemat product line you can not only do nothing wrong, you can do everything right. As a kitchen manufacturer with a long tradition, we not only know exactly what is important in kitchen construction, but we also perfect it. That is why each variant of the systemat product line is a work of art in itself. Get to know the different systemat equipment variants and configure your dream kitchen together with a kitchen dealer near you.

An unparalleled selection of colors

Who dreams in Swiss white? Who with colors? Thanks to our wide range of modern and timeless colors, we make every kitchen dream come true. Whether white for timeless elegance, black for a modern and exclusive touch or warm wood tones for a cozy atmosphere – with us you will find the perfect color combination for your new kitchen. Our high-quality color options offer unlimited combination possibilities to make this important room in your home as special as you are. For example, nature can be accentuated by combining the colors green and brown. The black and white color combination forms an expressive duo. The RAL and NCS colors available in systemat leave no color wish unfulfilled and turn you into an artist yourself. Discover the unique color world of systemat, for example in systemat AV 6000.

Talento titanium: pull-out drawers and frames

In our systemat product line, we offer the Metro Titan Box as standard. If desired, we can equip the personal kitchen furniture set with a glass side frame that can be supplemented with LED lighting. We also introduce the innovative SLD – SlimLineDrawer extraction system with a side frame thickness of only eight millimeters. This slim, space-saving solution relies on a modern, aesthetic kitchen design that reliably guarantees maximum comfort, the best feel and immodest functionality. Would you also like to succumb to the fascination of titanium? Learn more about our Metro Titan Box as part of systemat Kitchens to take kitchen design to the next level.

Plenty to choose from: our various types of cabinets

An impressive variety of cabinet types with a wide selection of heights and depths awaits you in our systemat kitchens. In the case of base cabinets, you can choose between three different heights. In the case of tall cabinets, you can choose from six different heights. Of course, tall cabinet heights can be adjusted to suit your needs, your height and the space available in the kitchen. As for the depth of the cabinets, the dimensions 350 mm, 460 mm, 560 mm and 710 mm are available. What do you need? Take a look at our size options and see for yourself how individual and versatile systemat kitchens can be.

Cooking, living, living: the systemat synonym for wellness

With the systemat product line, you can create a generous kitchen world brimming with multifunctionality. Its generosity and individuality are revealed in the flexible combination of a wide range of kitchen furniture to create a harmonious whole. Thanks to push-to-open technology, cabinet doors open with a single movement to reveal their contents. If desired, the kitchen is complemented by shelves, practical kitchen islands and tables that invite you to gather. This creates a very functional space for cooking, relaxing and gathering. Easy-care surfaces save cleaning time and ensure constant hygienic cleanliness for improved well-being. Find out here where you can buy a systemat kitchen near you.

Häcker systemat: a further step towards a healthy and environmentally friendly future

The Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (DGM) has awarded our consistent efforts in quality, health and environmental protection with the prestigious “Golden M”. This honor confirms our tireless commitment to sustainability, even before it became fashionable, and reflects the high quality of our products. To receive this coveted quality mark, our furniture is subjected to the strict testing criteria of the DGM. The focus is on the durability, stability and manufacturing quality of our products to withstand daily stresses and strains. With a guarantee, we at Häcker contribute to a more sustainable future and offer our customers kitchen furniture that is not only durable and stable, but also protects health and the environment. Be part of our vision for a better future.

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