Blaupunkt – Perfectly integrated kitchen appliances

Those who opt for a new, modern kitchen today will enjoy not only state-of-the-art appliances, but also a harmonious overall image in which technology and design are perfectly combined. That’s what our Blaupunkt products offer.


Studio Gatto distributes Blaupunkt built-in appliances. Well thought-out, well-designed, stylish products with a high level of functionality and great value for money.



Blaupunkt ovens – the hot heart of your kitchen

Intuitive operating concepts and transparent indicators allow you to achieve perfect results with your oven. And when they get dirty, these handy kitchen assistants clean themselves.

Compact devices

Blaupunkt compact appliances – a wide range of functions in a very small footprint

Cooking, sautéing, stewing – not only in large kitchens, but also in very small spaces, Blaupunkt compact appliances offer full functionality, leaving room for cutting, seasoning, dressing. Our compact multitasking appliances are totally versatile and the ideal smart addition to unused space in large kitchens.


Glass ceramic hobs

Blaupunkt hotplates – heat at the right spot

Not all types of heat are the same. Sometimes, the temperature must rise quickly – short heat for a perfect sauté. Other times it takes time – even heat for gentle cooking.

Extractor hoods

Exhaust hoods – with Blaupunkt the air is always fresh

Frying over high heat or slow steaming – each way of cooking leaves odors in the kitchen. Blaupunkt exhaust hoods provide fresh air after working in the kitchen.


Blaupunkt dishwasher – you’ll love to take care of the dishes

First, enjoy; then, work? So that you can continue to enjoy yourself even after the festive meal, Blaupunkt dishwashers take care of the job. Different built-in heights and widths and variable storage space – in the Blaupunkt appliance program you will find the ideal assistant for your specific space requirements.


Blaupunkt refrigerators are true all-rounders

The different refrigeration zones of Blaupunkt refrigerators and freezers provide the right temperature for each food. Perfectly stored food remains fresh for a long time thanks to the different temperature zones and electronic regulation.

Built-in wine coolers

The perfect climate for select wines

Black glass front
Handleless opening by Push & Pull
Touch Control
White LED lighting
Electronic temperature control
3 cedar wood shelves
Anti-vibration system

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