• Tomates rojos de rama (ni muy duros ni muy blandos)
  • Mozzarella
  • Albahaca fresca en hojas
  • Aceite de oliva
  • Vinagre balsámico
  • Sal
  • Olivas negras
  • Opcional: Salsa Pesto


Cut the tomatoes into slices (thickness to taste). Arrange on a plate. Take the mozzarella and put it on top of the tomatoes also cut into slices.  After washing some fresh basil leaves (large basil leaves, not the one used to ward off mosquitoes!!!), place them on top of the tomatoes and mozzarella. Arrange the ingredients in the colors of the Italian flag!!!! Bella Italia! Finally add salt to taste, black olives and a good splash of good olive oil and a touch of balsamic vinegar (optional)!

For those who want to add a little pesto on top or “olivada” (olive pate).

Buon appetito!