In my region, Tuscany, in Italy it is very typical for Christmas dinner to serve a warm broth as a first course after the starters and as expected the pasta is present since once the broth is prepared we add some Tortellini stuffed with meat.

At home, we also sprinkle Parmesan cheese when serving and I particularly like to add a little red wine.
The preparation of the broth does not differ much from that of any good broth that we can prepare here, so I will not go into the details of its preparation since you can find thousands of recipes. Here the important thing is the touch of Tortellini and Parmesan which are very Italian ingredients that make up the particularity of this very Christmas soup in Italy.

It is true that the broth must be very light and clean, not greasy at all. In Italy they do not add almost nothing of pork (bone, ham, bacon, etc). Only chicken meat and some veal as well as basic vegetables that we can add in any elaboration of a good broth. Therefore it will be quite clean in taste and appearance.

Well I hope you like the idea and a hot dish is always good in December and in good company.

Buon apetito i Buon Natale a Tutti!!!! Ciao!

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