In these days in which we have to stay at home yes or yes we have much more time to take advantage and cook both salty and pastry.

Here I choose to remember a classic sweet recipe. It is a recipe that allows us to take advantage of apples that already lose their crunchy texture and stay in the fruit bowl half forgotten.

This recipe gives us a chance to eat them and keep them from going in the garbage.

You can eat freshly made cozies and sprinkle them with cinnamon or just sugar.


-4 apples

-250g flour

-1 cc cinnamon powder

-2 heaped spoons of sugar (although this ingredient is optional as we will then sprinkle sugar on top of the fritters)

-20 cl of milk

-2 eggs

-1 yeast packet

-1 pinch of salt

-2 tablespoons of olive or sunflower oil

-Frying oil


First mix in a bowl the dry ingredients: flour + yeast + sugar + cinnamon + salt

Then beat the eggs + milk + olive or sunflower oil in another bowl until frothy.

You can also separate the egg whites from the egg yolks and beat them separately until they are snowy and then add them to the mixture. This will make it even fluffier.

Once the two mixtures are made, we put them together by mixing them so that the dough is thicker than the crêpe dough, for example. If we have beaten the egg whites separately, it is time to add them to this dough gently to keep its air.

We peeled the apples. We cut them in slices of about half a centimeter. We take off the center. If they are small it is not super necessary to do this maneuver because we could break them and the truth is that once they are fried you can’t tell the heart of the apple. It’s easier that way.

Put the apples in the dough mixture and flock them well without breaking them.

Put a deep fryer or skillet to heat with the frying oil. Once the oil is hot, fry the apples one at a time.

They fry carefully by turning them over. Once they are golden, they are taken out and placed on a plate with absorbent paper.

They are served on a plate with sprinkled sugar and cinnamon powder to taste.

Warm are better and are perfect for both breakfast and snacks!

Enjoy it and take care of yourselves!

There’s less left!

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