The most important thing for the owners Gracia and Antonio was to modernize the kitchen without losing sight of all the functional points of the kitchen.

Also preserve the table space to make life in the kitchen.

The challenge was to try to do it all in one kitchen line. After several meetings with Gracia and Antonio and a lot of thinking it has been achieved.

It is a narrow kitchen and we did not want to overload the space by making 2 kitchen lines facing each other but just put everything in one to visually give the idea of more space.

Every millimeter is taken advantage of and each base and high module is studied and placed just where it is needed and where it was more comfortable for the owners according to their daily needs.

The kitchen is of the INKO brand, model GOUMET VELOUTÉ. The kitchen countertop and cladding is DEKTON ENZO.

An optimal and beautiful result at the same time.

Before the reform

During the reform

The result

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