We have carried out this comprehensive kitchen reform in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona). Loreto, the owner, wanted the kitchen to be as white and bright as possible. Thus, the furniture is from our supplier INKO of the model GOURMET CHANTILLY and the silestone is white ICONIC WHITE .

In the first place, our team of industrialists removed the paving and tiles from the walls to place in its place a much lighter imitation parquet flooring to gain luminosity, and on the walls we opted for painting, instead of tiles, on a plastered surface to give feeling of greater spaciousness, as well as a contrast between the furniture and white walls and wood-colored floors.

The office area has LEDs under the furniture adjustable in intensity. The furniture in this area is of reduced depth to create more space for the table and lighten the space.

In the comprehensive reform of this kitchen in Vilanova i la Geltrú, the plumber was in charge of providing light with LED technology at the request of the client who requested an office area for breakfast, coffee maker and small appliances.

Led lighting was also used under the tall cabinets that ensures good warm lighting that differentiates the space from the rest of the kitchen and also ensures the energy efficiency of the house since the led lighting is low consumption.

During the renovation, an aluminum ceiling was installed with low-consumption cold white light led lighting bulbs to optimize better visibility in work areas. It also made it possible to hide the smoke extraction tubes to change the location of the hood in the new kitchen layout, thus transforming the distribution of space.

The entrance door of the kitchen was replaced by a transparent glass sliding door as the owner wanted to give a feeling of more spaciousness to the kitchen and not to reduce space and facilitate the opening of the refrigerator that is located right at the entrance of the kitchen. the kitchen.

The appliances are from the SIEMENS brand.

The kitchen before the Reformation:


The kitchen after the reform:


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