Wooden Kitchens

Cabinets are the center of attention in your kitchen. Not surprisingly, they account for 20% to 40% of your kitchen remodeling budget.
With an investment like this, you’ll spend a lot of time deciding on the perfect cabinets for your kitchen. The cabinets will be opened many times during the day, therefore their functionality and resistance must be very important factors.

A popular material for your kitchen cabinets is wood. Wooden kitchen cabinets can be an interesting option to complement any style of kitchen.

The wood for the kitchen cabinets you choose can have a big impact on the final look of the remodeled kitchen.

There are many types of wood, not any wood has the same strength, durability and properties. In addition you have to take into account that in many cases it will require more maintenance than with other materials.


The characteristic wavy grain of the oak is easily identifiable. In its natural state, this wood is light brown in color. Staining oak cabinets is a good option because of how porous the wood is.

The appearance of oak cabinets can be changed depending on the stain used. A darker stain brings out the wood grain. A more traditional honey stain can be a great choice for a contemporary kitchen. It is moisture resistant, durable, tough and heavy.


This hardwood is very popular in cabinetmaking because it is easy to find and work with. Unfinished maple has a whitish-gold color.

Because this wood has such a fine grain, stain and paint are applied smoothly and evenly. Staining maple cabinets can enhance the light mineral veins seen in maple. This highlights the uniqueness of the wood.

Maple is a great choice for kitchens that are used a lot, as it is a durable wood that can withstand frequent use. It is even used with countertops, and in some cases it is steam-treated for bending.


This choice of premium wood is not as common as other types of wood. Walnut wood has a fairly fine, straight grain that can present interesting patterns.

This wood can be stained a lighter color to let the natural wood grain shine through. A darker stain will give your walnut cabinets a classic look.

A great feature of walnut cabinets is that they can withstand water without damage. This facilitates the cleaning of walnut cabinets.

Although not the sturdiest wood, walnut can withstand the hustle and bustle of a kitchen. This means you can avoid many bumps that would appear over time with a softer wood.


If you are looking for rustic kitchen cabinets, you may be interested in hickory wood. This wood is ready to cause a sensation.

The color of hickory wood varies with grain in shades from light cream to dark red. Knots, mineral streaks and burrs are common in walnut and make each piece of furniture unique.
Many people choose to finish their hickory cabinets with a clear sealer. This allows the patterns and colors of this wood to take center stage.

If you choose hickory for the cabinets, you will have to follow some cleaning rules. Aggressive chemicals can cause permanent damage to this wood especially. Using a soft cloth to clean these cabinets can prevent scratches.

Hickory can be more expensive than other types of wood.


If you are looking for a classic kitchen, you may want to consider cherry cabinets.

The darker reddish-brown wood is unique because it darkens with age. Although this wood is not hardwood, it can withstand frequent use in kitchen cabinets.

Cherry wood has a smooth grain that accepts stains well. Many people choose a darker mahogany or walnut for their stain for a timeless look.

Cherry kitchen cabinets cost more than those made of popular woods such as oak or maple. Although you will pay more, the high quality of cherry cabinets will make up for it. Cherry wood cabinets are strong enough to withstand daily kitchen use.


Another wood known for its rustic charm is alder wood. If you are looking for a modern style cabinet for your new kitchen, alder may not be the right choice.

This type of wood has knots and worn features such as dents throughout its grain. The color of this wood ranges from light pinkish brown to toasted.

Staining this type of wood can be complicated because it can be uneven. Adding a clear sealer to this wood allows its natural color to shine through.

Alder wood is softer than other woods used in kitchen cabinets. Despite this, it is still a good choice for cabinets and can withstand frequent use. Over time, you may have to deal with scratches and dents in this type of wood.

Sustainability, another hallmark of our identity.

At Studio Gatto we take sustainability issues very seriously. And wood plays a fundamental role. There are many forests on our planet that are being cleared for timber. This is an irreparable loss of biodiversity. We must fight against illegal logging and we must always buy products from sustainably managed forests.

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