This is a comprehensive reform of a bathroom. The client wanted a better use of space and a better distribution of furniture to gain space, order, and above all functionality. So we made a custom project for you to give the bathroom more personality, simplicity and at the same time functionality.

The bathtub was replaced by one with a shelf to provide more space to place bathroom accessories. In addition, a main cabinet was added along with the sink, and other auxiliary units throughout the bathroom so as not to lose storage space while giving a homogeneous touch to the space. All of them in wood tone. The countertop and all the shelves for the sink and accessories are made of white synthetic material from the KRION brand.

A mirror with LEDs was placed for greater luminosity, better located, and low consumption.

In addition, the two bathroom windows were replaced by white aluminum ones, with different opening options, and with semi-transparent glass to achieve a more diffuse light and that the interior was not seen from the outside.

The complete toilet was also replaced, as well as all the taps in the bathtub, shower and sink, etc.

And finally a parquet floor for a more elegant and modern touch to the entire bathroom, in a tone similar to that of the furniture.

With this type of comprehensive renovation, what we are trying to achieve is better use of the space where we work. Study the entry of light, such as the accesses to the space to make sense of every inch of the place, to provide a feeling of greater spaciousness without losing storage, functionality or utility of the space.

For this, you have to take into account the colors you want to use, the luminosity of the place, whether natural or artificial, and above all the furniture that is going to be installed, especially because of the heights of its elements, which can make the space look larger or smaller. That is why it is important to have your own ideas of what you want, but at the same time be advised by a professional who knows how to make the most of your home, without neglecting your tastes and ideas.

Bathroom before renovation:

Bathroom after the reform:



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