In this house we made a complete reform of all the different spaces of the house.

The walls between the kitchen and the living room were demolished to unify the 2 rooms. All the pavement has been renewed to unify the spaces visually. A peninsula island was planned with a bar area and a decorative area in a deep maroon color, as desired by the owners.  The hood is ceiling-mounted.  The columns area has a cornice to embed circular led lights to give an extra point of illumination.

A table area has been left to take advantage of more comfort.

The kitchen furniture is of the INKO brand of the SATEN BLANCO MX series with aluminum rim.

The dekton is SIRIUS of 2cm straight edge.

The appliances are BOSCH although the refrigerator is LIEBHER, the ceiling hood of the brand GUTMAN.

All the closets in the house have also been renovated, both in the children’s rooms and in the owners’ rooms. The doors are lacquered in white. Several cornices have been added for the installation of led lights to improve the interior lighting of the closets. All the interiors are custom made to the owner’s taste.

As for the 3 bathrooms, they have been completely remodeled. The change is impressive. The bathroom furniture is MAPINI brand.

All are different and full of personality.

One by one we renovated all the rooms and common areas.

This area is charming and is to the taste of the owner who was looking for a corner to enjoy her favorite hobby which is playing the guitar. The whole space is made of solid wood. The shelf on the wall is a built-in bed for those little moments of rest.

Each of the bedrooms is designed for its occupants to enjoy and find everything they need.

Closets, shelves, floor everything is designed for your comfort.

All the interior doors are white lacquered to unify the house.

The television area and the staircase banister have been completely renovated. The floor is unified on all floors of the house.

The space appears larger and the optical information is lighter.

From the terrace, the wooden floor, which was badly discolored by the sun, was revived.

And here we leave you a video where you can see the before and after of this wonderful reform.

We hope you enjoy it.