Kitchen storage ideas

Chaos is the enemy of functionality, and also of safety, especially in a place as crucial as the modern kitchen.

Clear work surfaces are essential for efficient food preparation and sanitation. In addition, it is essential to have quick access to the utensils needed for cooking. Incorporating storage ideas in the kitchen is essential to maintain order and clarity in this important space.

1. Make the best use of the available space

When designing a kitchen, a common question is “what to do with the space above the cabinets? Traditionally, it is left empty and the cabinets end a few centimeters from the ceiling. However, this space is vulnerable to accumulate dust and grease. Instead, utilize this dead space by opting for full-height kitchen cabinet ideas.

Regardless of height, it is important that you know how to clean and organize kitchen cabinets to keep the space hygienic and clutter-free.

If you’re thinking about buying new cabinets, visit one of the best places to buy kitchen cabinets or order a custom design to make sure you find the right piece for your space. But don’t worry if you don’t have the space. There are still many ways to maximize kitchen storage without new cabinets.

2. Integrating storage into seating

The chairs lack storage capacity, while a built-in bench offers ample space for storing lesser-used appliances or kitchen utensils. The baskets provide a rustic touch, while the drawers offer a more fluid appearance. Another option is to consider kitchen seating ideas such as a window seat with a hinged lid to maximize the available space.

Benches in the kitchen add a cozy atmosphere and encourage sociability, providing a place for guests to sit and relax comfortably. Storage is critical, regardless of the size of the kitchen. Taking advantage of the opportunity to add pull-out drawers can be especially useful for lesser-used items, such as children’s toys, by providing easy access and keeping them out of the main cooking area.

3. Maximizing space with custom designs

When it comes to traditional kitchen ideas, storage is one of the biggest challenges. In an old house, nothing has a conventional shape or size, which adds immeasurable value.

4. Integrate the appliances in the island.

The kitchen island is a favorite kitchen feature because of its ability to provide additional work space and bring a touch of lifestyle. However, the island also offers the opportunity to add more storage. Instead of opting for a solid island, make the space gain its footprint.

Here, a beverage refrigerator, bottle racks and cabinets dramatically increase storage potential. Also, if you plan to add a seating area to your island, installing cabinets under the countertop will give you space to store lesser-used items.

5. Store appliances and devices behind closed doors.

If you are short on space, consider incorporating drawers and shelves into pantry cabinets. When closed, it has a minimalist look; however, when open it not only houses two deep drawers for pans, but also provides a permanent home for appliances that would otherwise clutter the countertop, complete with electrical outlets.

6. Let function and form meet at the center.

Good kitchen storage doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the good looks of your kitchen. In any case, it can serve to enhance it.

The kitchen island is always going to be the largest piece of storage in any space, and it’s often the focal point of the room. Making sure your design is beautiful is vital, and this can be achieved simply by choosing a countertop that stands out. The fact that the island includes plenty of kitchen storage is almost incidental.

7. Make sure you make the most of drawer space.

Base-level kitchen drawers are certainly a better option than cabinets that you have to get down on your knees to access anything, especially if you plan to use them for small items such as dishes or food.

If you want to have an elegant kitchen, it’s best to have several individual drawers hidden behind a single large drawer front, as in the kitchen above” Then you can arrange the kitchen drawers behind the front in categories as you normally would.

8. Maximize storage space with a double island.

Double island kitchens are a sensible solution if you have a large, square room with lots of floor space in the center of the room, allowing you to rethink your kitchen layout ideas so that kitchen storage is in the center.

It allows you to rethink an awkward space and design a kitchen that takes advantage of the efficiency of the classic kitchen triangle, with storage all around it. I would advise seating on one of the islands to make the space sociable and not dreary; if possible, the best position is in front of a great view.”

9. Design a half-depth cabinet that goes all the way to the ceiling.

We’ve praised half-depth, floor-to-ceiling cabinets for kitchen storage before and will continue to do so again and again. Half-depth tall cabinets are a fantastic solution when floor space is limited, or when you have to place cabinets around architectural features, such as old fireplaces, and they also make it much easier to access what you need.

Organizing kitchen cabinets so that the least used items are on the top and bottom shelves, and the most used items between waist and eye level is the most efficient approach.

10. Be smart about wine storage

Ideally, we would all have a cellar in which to store our best crops, so that our kitchens would not need space to store them. But, in reality, wine storage is usually limited to a cabinet in the kitchen that can hold perhaps a month’s worth of wine.

What is the best way to incorporate this type of storage in the kitchen? The solution above is one of them: it allows easy access and visibility, and the bottles can be divided between white and red or “everyday” and “special”. In addition, the use of an awkward space at the end of the room for a half-width cabinet makes it perfect for storing wine bottles. A similar idea can be repeated in kitchen islands, with the red in a storage solution like this one and the wine in a cooler fridge next to it.

11. Rethink the space under the sink.

Kitchen sink ideas often focus on the design of the sink itself, while the storage underneath is a complicated series of compromises where, at best, you can store a few hard-to-reach cleaning jars.

However, the organization under the sink can be improved in both practical and aesthetic terms. Here, a more rustic approach with pretty baskets allows for a variety of kitchen storage uses while creating an eye-catching focal point. For a more elegant and modern finish, you can replace the baskets with sleek drawer fronts.