Manoli and Mariano’s kitchen was very dark with Provençal style doors. Very common a few decades ago in many homes.

Manoli’s main problem was the limited work plan space between the gas hob and the sink. In addition, Manoli wanted to install a dishwasher, as she did not have one in her kitchen until now.

Placing the oven and microwave high up in a column was also a priority for Manoli and Mariano, since until now the microwave occupied a place above the kitchen countertop and took away a lot of useful work space. The oven in the base under the hotplate was uncomfortable.

With all these premises to improve, we decided to change the current location of the cooktop and place it on another wall. This has created a much larger space between the hob and the sink to work comfortably.

The oven and microwave are integrated in a column on the opposite wall and the refrigerator is moved to the same wall. Enough space was left to add a pantry column to substantially expand the storage space.

By relocating everything, there was enough space to add a 45 cm dishwasher.

In short, everything is solved! all priorities met.

Apart from the functional issue, the change of furniture to a lighter front gives more luminosity to the overall space. The opening is without handle and gives more lightness to the set.

The light-colored countertop helps add clarity to the final result.

The plumber was involved in the relocation of some light points and the displacement of the gas point.

At first they did not know whether to change the kitchen floor. But in the end they decided to change the general flooring of the kitchen, removing the tiles from the wall and replacing them with heat-resistant and scratch-resistant porcelain tiles.

The rest of the walls were plastered and painted to brighten the space and create a less visually cluttered space.

The kitchen furniture is INKO model GOURMET color VELOUTE.


The result has been significantly improved and it is obvious that the proposed new layout is much more efficient and aesthetically brighter.

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