The challenge:
Give a 1980s bathroom a complete renovation and transform it into a welcoming, bright and modern space.

The design, initially captured in hand-drawn sketches, gave shape to a unique and personalized space. The smooth curve of the custom-made shower partition becomes the central element, providing fluidity and character.

The solid wood of the INKO furniture, model MAISON LEÑO, floods the room with its natural warmth, while the black details of the faucets, handles and shower add a modern and sophisticated touch.

The KRION LUX COLOR countertop, with its integrated sink and curved design, is a unique piece that blends in with its surroundings. The terracotta floor, in earth tones, evokes the Ibizan landscapes and adds a rustic touch that harmonizes with the whole.

Wooden shelves, in addition to being functional, add warmth and subtly conceal the existing pillar. The shower partition, with its strategic height and curved lines, creates a feeling of spaciousness and softness.

The “wild” finish of the hand-plastered walls is a nod to the island essence of Ibiza, giving the bathroom a unique personality.

This renovation is not just a bathroom, it is a haven of peace and beauty inspired by the white island. A real gem!

And thank you Miguel for the review

We contacted Studio Gatto for the bathroom reform and we have been very satisfied with the result. It was a difficult job, but you can tell they are very experienced and professional. Even once the work is finished, they do not neglect it and make sure that even the smallest detail is resolved. We will certainly repeat for future renovations of the house.

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