Good taste is not only demonstrated by cooking. It also depends on the choice and design of the kitchen. High-quality materials, innovative technology and the new Häcker concept130 make it possible to design the most beautiful kitchens and turn them into reality. In the blink of an eye, design objects such as this Comet GL concrete black spatula combined with cognac aged oak Toronto emerge. In this kitchen, the formal blue brings freshness, but also attracts all eyes. Everything here is enthusiasm. Not only by the cook, but also by all the guests and visitors.

A kitchen design that convinces by combining colors in a very successful way and by limiting itself to the essentials. To start each new day with joy. Discover concept130 now, a modular system that will open up a world of almost infinite possibilities. Häcker Küchen customizes kitchens like no one else – and with virtually no limits.


Like a melody full of expressive notes. Splendid, simple and uncomplicated. The way the black concrete spatula concrete combines with the warm wood tone to create a placid, yet grandiose combination is quite a success. Let yourself be seduced by the elegance of moderation and discover the sweeping effect of modern design.

Black and brown are expressive colors that, when combined, radiate strength and stability. Not only discreet blue suits them, but also many other modern colors. All this also enhances the simplicity of the design.

Island elegance

The solid block bottom contrasts visually with this island with cooking area, elegant legs and large work surface on both sides. As a whole, the entire kitchen is a real eye-catcher. The clean and sober design suggests a lot to discover. The conventional and steam ovens are shielded from view behind the dark doors. The combi refrigerator is also concealed behind a large door. The pull-out modules and cabinets provide all the space needed to get your utensils and food out of the way. Each pot and cup in its place and a place for each pot and cup. This way the kitchen is always tidy and it is a pleasure to enter it. Let the guests come whenever they want!

Large hinged door to store everything

Discreet and distinguished, but surprising for its enormous space. Wall cabinets fit everything. The SlightLift system with LED technology is infinitely variable, easy to open and closes very quietly. concept130’s totally free design can also be applied to the wall cabinets, which follow the line of the kitchen block and blend in seamlessly with the design of the entire room.