At Rebecca’s house the transformation is spectacular! The style of the kitchen was of darker tones in both furniture and wall painting, etc. Rebecca wanted to totally change the look of the kitchen to light colors, open spaces by knocking down walls that separated the kitchen from the dining room. A central island has been made with a cooking zone consisting of an induction hob and a deep fryer. Everything from the DE DIETRICH brand. In this way the owner can cook for family and friends in a more open environment.

The refrigerator is American and is from the Smeg brand. The kitchen furniture is of the INKO brand in gloss white color, without handles. Very functional, it does not lack detail both in drawers and removable drawers, pantry columns, interior drawers, spice racks as well as LED lights embedded in tall units to achieve low consumption light points and warm color in the work plan.

A new system has been installed to purify the water, different from the osmosis system, since the latter uses much more water to filter the water. The system is called E-spring and it is ecological and very efficient. Very functional as it takes up very little space.

The silestone is from the CONSENTINO brand and is from the PLATINUM range in CHROME color.

A spectacular result !!

Kitchen after the reform:

Kitchen before the reform:



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