Today I’m going to present you with a simple and very tasty recipe. The pasta with anchovies. I usually use spaghetti but you can use the pasta you want. It is a recipe with an intense flavor and very marine. Even if you do not like anchovies, you will love this recipe!

Ingredients 4 pax:

-Espaguetis (500gr) or another pasta that you have at home

-1 can of anchovies

-2 garlic

-chopped parsley

-2 butter nuts

-middle glass of white wine

-parmesan cheese (optional


In a pan, take a splash of good olive oil with the 2 cloves of garlic cut into thin slices so that the oil takes flavor. Very important should not be browned. Just give some flavor. Next, toss the anchovies and let them dissolve little by little. Add the chopped parsley and a few seconds later the half glass of white wine. Let evaporate a few minutes. Once you have reduced almost all of the white wine add the butter and tie everything. There will be a very tasty sauce background. I do not recommend adding salt because the anchovies already contribute a lot. If you like you can add pepper or better yet a little tip of fresh red chili pepper (along with the garlic) that gives it this spicy point.

While making the sauce put a large pot with water to boil. Once the water boils take the pasta. When it is cooked and drained, you can pour it into the pan and mix it with the anchovy sauce.

Before serving sprinkle fresh chopped parsley.

Although for many Italians it is a sacrilege to have grated parmesan cheese when you eat pasta with fish, in this case I think it looks perfect! So do not cut and enjoy a good parmesan cheese too!

My grandson loves this recipe. It’s a good way for the kids at home to eat fish !!

Buon Proffito!!


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