This comprehensive kitchen renovation includes wall and floor tile changes. Change of aluminum in window and door. Plaster work on walls for later painting. The new flooring is ceramic parquet type. The walls have been painted and in the kitchen area we have opted for a Dekton wall coating to facilitate cleaning and avoid the joints of the tiles for more comfort.

A plasterboard cornice has been built to fit LED lighting.

The kitchen furniture has been changed to a more modern model without handles, i.e. with an aluminium ball. The combination is of 2 colors. The furniture is INKO in color and model SATEN WHITE MATTE MX combined ROASTED ROOM.

For a more elongated look, the wall units are foldable and horizontal. The hood is integrated into one of the folding units. LED lights are integrated into the bottom of the wall units.

The oven is compact to leave more space under the oven.

The Dekton is WARM color.