In this case we have made the complete renovation of this apartment located in the town of Castelldefels. We have changed tiles on walls and floors, changed the aluminum of the entire floor, changed the doors, has made new heating and new air conditioner. Changed pipes, mechanisms and plugs throughout the apartment as well as modified the water and light points of bathrooms and kitchen to change distributions of furniture.

The furniture of the kitchen is of the brand INKO of the model AMALIA in white polylaminated brightness. The countertop is of silestone color MARENGO. The furniture of the bathrooms is of the brand ROYO of its collection BANNIO. The toilets and faucets are also new.

The kitchen sink is of the brand DAKE FREGADEROS.

The floor is stoneware imitation gray parquet and has been placed the same throughout the floor. This way everything is unified and gives a feeling of more spaciousness.

What a change!

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