This project consisted of transforming an outdoor terrace of an apartment in Sitges into a kitchen-veranda with black aluminum carpentry enclosure that allows to enjoy this space both in summer and winter.

The kitchen furniture is of the INKO brand, model AMALIA VOGUE MATTE LACQUER with integrated gola handle profile in the door.

The appliances are BLAUPUNKT brand.

The hood is built into the glass ceramic hob and has the motor and smoke outlet installed in the plinth to maximize the space inside the drawers.

The refrigerator is red SMEG brand.

The countertop is made of OAK wood ready for kitchen use. The thickness is 4cm and is perfect to combine with this earth tone and the vintage white parquet.

The result is a cozy and multifunctional space.

The awning has an anti-wind system. It has a system that detects the intensity of the wind and automatically collects itself if you are not at home.

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