Kitchen HAECKER model SUMMER OAK combined with PERFECT SENSE matt white anti-fingerprint + table 4cm summer oak.

Olga and Miguel, the owners, wanted a beautiful kitchen but at the same time they were concerned that it should be very functional. Olga wanted to create defined spaces for each thing and moment.

It was very important to have an aesthetically pleasing kitchen that was also very functional and organized with plenty of storage space.

The owners wanted the island to be taller than usual because they were looking for comfort when cooking.

No detail is neglected when deciding on materials and colors as well as the details of each piece of furniture to suit the needs of each space, or when decorating the kitchen.

Olga, with a great taste for decoration, has been able to give the last elegant touch to the whole; an elegant kitchen par excellence.

The furniture is HAECKER brand SUMMER OAK model combined with PERFECT SENSE anti-fingerprint matt white.

In the countertop, 2 materials have been combined: IDYLIUM VIA LATTEA in the sink and coffee area, IDYLIUM CARAVAGGIO ALBUS in the central island area with a 15cm skirt to give more height to the island and make it more comfortable for the owners.

The result: an elegant and functional kitchen

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