StudioGatto presents the Novara outdoor kitchens, you won’t have seen anything like them!

Novara is the result of a passion for cooking in all circumstances. The island allows you to move freely and cook facing the open space. It thus becomes the center of communication, shared cooking and everyday pleasures.

Outdoor kitchens also make preparation work easier and infinitely more fun. Aside from convenience, they can also greatly enhance your patio or garden space. Whether you’re designing your own outdoor kitchen or want inspiration for your future home, Novara kitchens can be a very special solution. Get ready to write down these recipes that you are so eager to try, and above all don’t forget to invite us !

At last there is a furniture system suitable for outdoors with the highest quality and with the maximum guarantee.
All Novara elements have been selected among the highest quality and resistance for outdoor and marine environments. The versatility of these colors and materials allows variables and possibilities for each project.
The Novara professional barbecue allows you to enjoy outdoor cooking of meat, fish or vegetables in a safe way. 4 in-line gas burners with a total power of 14kW provide enough energy for fast and efficient cooking. You can also combine or use the independent burners that blend perfectly with the chosen worktop.


Novara has also been developed to accommodate a multitude of designs, shapes and colors. This possibility opens the door to your imagination to develop your ideal kitchen with hundreds of variables. There will always be an ideal Novara for every customer. This point reinforces the vitality of the product and the interest for all types of architects and professionals to freely develop their projects.


The third version of Novara includes a special HPL for exteriors, with 25 years warranty. Maintenance-free wood effects and many designs, to achieve the best harmony.


The Novara outdoor kitchens product is only purchased through authorized dealers such as StudioGatto. The final customer must be advised by a professional to ensure that everything is to your liking. The kitchen will be installed by a specialized professional furniture assembler and we will provide qualified personnel for the electrical, gas or water connections.