Kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops that turn cooking into a new cooking experience

Neolith® is a sintered and compact surface, created entirely from natural elements. Using advanced sintering technology, Neolith® emulates in just hours the millenary process by which stones are formed in nature.

Its versatility, thanks to its large size and impressive physical and mechanical properties, makes Neolith® perfect for a wide range of uses both indoors and outdoors, in commercial and residential spaces. It is ideal for kitchen countertops, floors, wall coverings, ventilated facades and furniture coverings, among others.

Discover the Neolith models for kitchen countertops with Studio Gatto

A unique material that speaks about you.

A rough texture to evoke sensations, a material polished to perfection, a totally natural relief… Your Neolith kitchen countertop can convey whatever you want with its different finishes. So that, in addition to enjoying its properties every time you cook, you will also enjoy its presence and design.


Choose the collection that suits you.

Letting your imagination run free is easier with a material that accompanies you today and always. A sustainable material, of natural origin, that invites you to enjoy every moment, to live it to the fullest. This is how we give shape to any space you have in mind. With solutions and configurations that integrate and adapt to each place, to each person. This is how we make every space come alive.







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