At Roser’s house you can breathe spring.

At first glance we can see a combination of pink and blue colors, with a broad base of white.

The walls have been painted sky blue and decorated with hydraulic tiles, a very fashionable piece today despite its age and use in Spain in the 60s.

In the kitchen, the pastel pink fridge stands out. A Smeg fridge inspired by the 50s that adds a unique touch to the whole set.

The kitchen is a very curious place as well as cozy.

The hood is also in white so as not to break the color scheme of the entire kitchen.

It is a vertical hood so as not to eat up space and to make the work area more spacious and simple.

In addition, the induction hob has also been installed in white to combine it with the rest of the kitchen.

All the kitchen furniture is in matt white INKO Gourmet model in white chantilly and ICONIC WHITE silestone countertop.

In this way we get them to go unnoticed and the blue and pink colors in the kitchen stand out more.

However, as the furniture is white, a lot of light is achieved throughout the whole and gives a feeling of spaciousness.

In the inner corner we can see a support cabinet with a blind, which expands the storage space in addition to hiding the microwave inside.

The blind allows you to hide everything and so everything is cleaner in sight and more collected.

The compact oven is also white on the inside of the bar.

Its size is reduced in height and allows an additional drawer to be placed.

An under-counter wine cellar has been installed outside the bar as the owners are lovers of good wine.

The parquet in a natural wood tone adds a touch of warmth to the whole. A very fun kitchen!

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