The Italian kitchen company Aran Cucine manufactures a wide range of products, which can be divided into two main categories: kitchens and living rooms.


Aran Cucine offers a wide variety of kitchens, which can be classified into two main styles: modern and classic. Aran Cucine’s modern kitchens are characterized by clean and simple lines, while the classic kitchens have a more traditional style.

Within each style, Aran Cucine offers a wide range of design options, materials and finishes. The materials used in Aran Cucine kitchens are of high quality, including wood, laminate, melamine and glass. Finishes are also varied, including solid colors, natural wood and metallic finishes.

Some of Aran Cucine’s most popular kitchen models are:

  • Licia: a modern kitchen with clean and simple lines.
  • Bella: a contemporary kitchen with an elegant and sophisticated design.
  • Bellagio: a classic kitchen with a traditional and timeless style.


In addition to kitchens, Aran Cucine also manufactures a range of living room products, including tables, chairs, stools and storage furniture.

Aran Cucine tables are available in a wide variety of styles, materials and finishes. Aran Cucine’s chairs and stools also offer a wide range of options, including modern, classic and contemporary designs.

Some of Aran Cucine’s most popular living room products include:

  • Licia table: a modern table with an elegant and simple design.
  • Bella chair: a modern chair with a comfortable and functional design.
  • Sipario stool: a contemporary stool with a versatile design.

Aran Cucine is a leading company in the kitchen and living room sector. Its products are characterized by high quality, elegant design and functionality.

Cucina LAB13 – GARAGE style

Cucina Moderna – MIA

Cucina LAB13 – URBAN style

Cucina Moderna – QUADRO

Cucina Moderna – VOLARE

Cucina Classica – BELLAGIO

Cucina LAB13 – DESIGN style

Cucina Classica – LICIA

Cucina Classica – MAGISTRA

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