Natural beauty: ABKSTONE® porcelain stoneware tiles

ABKSTONE porcelain stoneware slabs 1635X3230 mm perfectly combine the concept of aesthetic research with that of technological innovation, to offer a wide range of solutions for floors and walls in contemporary projects. The beauty of the large slabs is limitless, both for their size, the largest in the ceramic sector, and for the durability of the product, which lasts over time even under the most extreme conditions.


Wide range of applications

ABKSTONE large ceramic slabs represent a selection of large surfaces with a high technical content, available in thicknesses of 20 mm, 12 mm and 6 mm, in line with the trends and needs of contemporary buildings, to satisfy professionals working in different areas of design. The large slabs, due to their technical characteristics, are suitable for the creation of porcelain stoneware floors for residential and commercial spaces, for the cladding of large indoor and outdoor surfaces (ventilated facades), and even for the creation of furnishing elements and countertops for bathrooms and kitchens. Versatile and resistant, ABKSTONE porcelain stoneware slabs represent a safety for the modern designer and a guarantee of quality and aesthetic value for the end consumer.

We indicate to the mason the guidelines to follow to transform the rooms in an efficient and clean way, his work will be synchronized with the plumber and other industrialists.


Gent Dark
Grigio Siena
Internal 9 Oxide
Internal 9 Dark
Intern 9 Silver
Invisible Pearl
LAB325 Ash Base
LAB325 Pearl Base
LAB325 Pepper Base
Lilac Gray
Limestone Gray

Marquinia Select

Native ash
For furniture
For construction
For indoor use
For kitchen countertops
Heavy duty
For the bathroom
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